The Batwa community at the Kisoro Hill settlement have rejected permanent iron-roofed houses.  According to them , the houses  make a lot of noise when it rains. These houses found in  the centre of Kisoro town, were set up  by a foreign donor in alliance with Muhabura Diocese 10 years ago.

The community also has a many Eco- toilet, but it is not used because the Batwa prefer going to bushes. The chairperson of the community, John Rwubaka, told journalists recently that the three blocks, which accommodated over 60 families, were designed like dormitories and  do not  give room  for privacy.

He also condemned the donors for not carrying out a feasibility study before resettling the Batwa.  He added that accommodation wit no farmland does not make sense and has made the Batwa not only a liability but a nuisance in the town. He clarified that his people had resorted to begging, eating  bad food from rubbish  pits and stealing, and asked that they be relocated to a place where they can grow crops.

By Tanah Hadijah

Uganda Travel News

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