“Zanzibar” the best resort in Africa.

In the Russian tourism consumer award that is given out every year to the best performing tourism site, this year’s award went to Zanzibar. this is an executive Star Travel award ceremony, this time held on the 22 March 2012 after the Moscow International Travel and Tourism Exhibition (MITT 2012) structure and Zanzibar of Tanzania turned out to be the best and was the there after declared as the best resort in Africa with Egypt exclusive. The prize was received by Mr. Mbarouk N. Mbarouk, the Head of Chancery of the Tanzanian Embassy in Moscow on behalf of the entire Embassy staff.

Star Travel.ru has been recorded as the very first consumer award in tourism industry as well as the only tourism award in Russia. The prize that was given out was decided on in 2003 and the winner was selected basing on the number of votes got from the voters (tourists/travelers) who were voting from online. In 2010 was Agadir based in Morocco won the Star Travel Award and was also named as the best resort in Africa with Egypt excluded. this very year, Tanzania has made 10 years since it started working towards the development of its tourism attractions in the Russian Federation and in all counties around the world through its participation in the tourism exhibitions, arranging road shows, seminars, press tours, distribution of brochures and many others.

The Star Travel award is one of the ways through which countries can market their tourism potentials with the help of stakeholder like the Tanzania Tourism Board, Zanzibar Tourism Commission, Tanzania National Parks, and the Embassy of Tanzania in Moscow for the case of Tanzania like it has been for the past 10 years.


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